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Magna Welding High Definition Plasma Cut

24 hour cutting



CAD Services

Magna Welding Ltd offer high definition steel profiling services

Simple Order Process

1  Contact us via telephone or Send an email to with your parts attached and qty's

      (2D Model, DXF, Engineering drawings, STL, Obj, Sldprt, PDF etc.

2  We will contact you within 1-2 hours via email and provide you with a quotation.

3  Reply confirming that you would like to place the order.

4  A proforma invoice is generated and sent via email. (if you have an account with Magna Welding payment terms         are 30 day's from invoice.

5  Nesting & Production of your parts will start immediatly.

6  Parts are checked by our QA Engineer.

7  Parts are sent to be Finished for example galvanised.

8  We deliver your order.

HD Plasma Cut Materials

All material grades are offered and we stock the most common grades and thicknesses. If we do not stock your specified grade or material thickness we can have it withing 48 hours. 

Production Capabilities

Quantity: Small to hudreds / thousands of parts

Part Sizes: 3000 mm x 1500mm (parts can be spliced together) 

Tolerance: standard tolerance for the majority of CNC plasma cutters / profilers ranges from 0.5 to 0.1mm

Profiling Thicknessnes

Min: 2mm

Max: 25mm


Mild Steel



Min: 2mm

Max: 25mm

Min: 2mm

Max: 30mm

Delivery Times

Your order can be sent next day or economy, specific time slots can also be booked.

True Hole Technology

Plasma Cutting - True Hole Technology 1.

True Hole® technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma. It is exclusively available for use in conjunction with Hypertherm's HPRXD® and XPR® auto gas plasma systems including the XPR300® system.

True Hole is automatically applied by the nesting software to thicknesses up to 25 mm (1”) diameter and hole coverage ranges from hole diameter to thickness ratios from 2:1 to as low as 1:1.

With True Hole technology

Plasma Cutting - True Hole Technology 3.

Without True Hole technology

Plasma Cutting - True Hole Technology 2.
Plasma Cutting - True Hole Technology 4.

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